Countess Ines
  • Countess Ines
  • Countess Ines
  • Countess Ines
  • Countess Ines
Countess Ines

Countess Ines


Blue silk train gown. Bodice adorned with blue tulle frills. 

Marie-Antoinette style frills edge edge the sleeves. 

Dress inspired by the movie Marie-Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. 

Belt to tie on the back. 

Skirt lining covered with two layers of tulle for an astonishing volume. 

Bodice fully lined with cotton for a perfect comfort.

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Il était une fois

The Countess Ines is wearing her gorgeous blue silk dress as she wanders through the palace gardens.

The young lady seems to glide on the ground, she is so graceful!

The train of her gown is reflected on the fountain, making the water glisten.

Secret admirers spy on her as she passes, admiring her long blond hair...

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