Queen Victoria (Fuchsia)
  • Queen Victoria (Fuchsia)
  • Queen Victoria (Fuchsia)
  • Queen Victoria (Fuchsia)
  • Queen Victoria (Fuchsia)
Queen Victoria (Fuchsia)

Queen Victoria


Queen dress with train made of deep fuchsia taffeta. 

Gown embellished with gold tulle and sparkling diamonds. 

Belt to tie up on the back.

Skirt lining covered with two layers of tulle for an astonishing volume.

Bodice fully lined with cotton for a perfect comfort.

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Once upon a time

Victoria is a young lady sweet and cheerful. She was always lonely and loved to spend time wandering in Buckingham gardens with her pretty spaniel Dash. At and early age, when she was 18 she became Queen of United Kingdom because she happened to be the unique heir of the royal family after the death of all her uncles. She fell in love of the cousin Albert de Saxe-Cobourg who was purposely introduced to her. She has liked his company since they first met. He was handsome and smart. She had 9 children and she reigned 63 years on the kingdom.